Arvada West High School student's livestock project, Simba the red steer, found in Arvada

ARVADA, Colo. - Simba, the steer who escaped his pen in Arvada early Sunday morning, was found Tuesday morning.

"I got a call this morning from Animal Control saying 'we have eyes on him and he's laying in a field,'" said Simba's teenaged owner, Cheyenne Brock.

Brock said when she got there she tried catching him, but the rope around him was too muddy.

"He jumped a fence and joined a herd of cattle," Brock said. "The [owner] said [Simba] could stay there for a few days until he calms down. He's in a small herd, he'll be all right."

Brock got Simba as a pet and livestock project earlier this month. Brock left Simba at a friend's house while her family built a pen for him.

But hours after they brought Simba home, the steer jumped the fence and was gone. The family spent more than 12 hours searching for Simba on Sunday near 64th and Eldridge.

"How nobody noticed a 700-pound cow with a rope dragging behind it, running the streets," Brock said.

Simba was found about two miles away, near 52nd and Indiana, Brock said.

"It's really reassuring to know he’s alive and well and not far from home," Brock said. "I can go over there and see him."

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