Arvada police release dramatic 911 tapes of hostage situation; suspect Don Pooley shot by SWAT team

18-hour hostage situation

ARVADA, Colo. - Arvada police released a 911 recording of the hostage situation in Arvada Tuesday that left the suspect dead.

On the recording, 34-year-old Don Pooley, an ex-convict who disappeared from parole on Jan. 10, is heard repeatedly making threats in explicit language to kill his 13-year-old hostage if the police did not leave the area near the home.

Police said the victim, identified by officers as Connor, was in his home near 62nd Avenue and Gray Street when Pooley, a neighbor, burst in and took him hostage.

On a dramatic recording of the first 911 call from the suspect, a man can be heard saying, "I have a hostage and if you don't tell your people to get the (expletive) away from around here, he's gonna die."

A few seconds later, a child can be heard on the phone crying and pleading, "Help me! Please!"

The male voice then says, "If I see any more (cops) around here, your hostage is through."

Pooley had a lengthy felony record was being sought by authorities.

The 18-hour hostage situation, which began around 5:30 p.m. Monday, ended just after 11 a.m. Tuesday when a police SWAT team entered the home and fatally shot Pooley.

"The situation was resolved when the suspect went to the front door to retrieve some items that we were delivering and the SWAT team took a shot at the suspect, striking him and we were then able to rescue the hostage," Arvada Police Chief Don Wick explained.

Connor was unharmed in the incident.

Audio of the initial calls can be heard below.  CAUTION! Audio contains strong, explicit language.  Mobile users click here:

Wick said police were initially called to the neighborhood on a domestic disturbance call, involving a gun.

"As police were arriving, the male fled the house, then ran into and physically entered another home," Wick said. "The male took a 13-year-old hostage. The mother and brother of the hostage were just arriving at the residence when all this unfolded and, as a result, were not taken hostage."

Pooley made threats throughout the 18-hour negotiations that he was going to shoot and kill the hostage, whom he did not know, police said. Throughout the overnight negotiations, Pooley made multiple references to media reports and Arvada Police knew he was following multiple news outlets.

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