Former Arvada funeral home director Darrin Pinkston accused of stealing cash payments from clients

Police: Mother of Jessica Ridgeway a client

ARVADA, Colo. - Arvada Police said they are investigating a former funeral home director for theft after he was accused of stealing cash payments from clients.

According to authorities, 40-year-old Darrin Pinkston worked at Malesich & Shirey funeral home from July 2012 to September 2013. During that time, he allegedly offered clients a cash payment discount, and then pocketed the money for himself.

There are as many as 60 potential clients who paid cash for their relative’s funeral service, police said.

The clients received the services for which they paid, but the money was never properly transferred to the funeral home.

The owners of Malesich & Shirey contacted the Arvada Police Department in September 2013 with their concerns and an investigation was initiated which led to his arrest.

Police said one of the clients was Sarah Ridgeway, the mother of Jessica Ridgeway.

Jessica Ridgeway was kidnapped in 2012, while walking to a park. The investigation ended with the tragic discovery of Jessica's remains and the confession of her killer, Austin Sigg.

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