Denver Police obtain arrest warrant for key suspect in string of Denver home, storage unit break-ins

Thomas Page also wanted in Arvada on auto theft

DENVER - Denver Police are searching for a man who they believe is responsible for a series of daring home burglaries in the southwest part of the city.

Two of those burglaries were caught on camera.

"We were asleep," homeowner Danny Stroud told 7NEWS reporter Lance Hernandez. "Two guys made it into my garage and basically went shopping."

Stroud's surveillance video captured the thieves picking through his garage, filling boxes with his power tools and motorcycle gear.

 "These guys were just brazen," he said. "They were just walking around picking things."

Stroud said that when he viewed the security camera recording, he wasn't angry, at first. He was stunned and somewhat frightened.

"I had company that day," he said. "There were children sleeping in the house. As I looked at the video, my heart sank and I just got a knot in my stomach thinking what could have happened had they come into the house itself."

Police believe Thomas R. Page, 32, is one of the men in that video.

Page is also suspected of breaking into a house near South Ames and West Lehigh and stealing several thousand dollars worth of power tools that were being used to remodel the home.

"I was stunned at how barren and empty the place was," said the owner, who asked that he not be identified. "I had lots of tools in there."

Among the items taken:

--Dewalt power washer

--Hitachi battery saw

--Ryobi miter saw

--Bosh saber saw

--7 new blades

--Angle jig tile saw

--Red-and-white Trek mountain bike.

--Cateye bicycle computer

--Nail gun

--Staple gun




--Lawn mower

--Electric drill kit.

Police recovered most of the stolen items at a storage unit near South Sheridan and West Jewell.

Surveillance video shows two vehicles pulled up to the storage unit on July 24, a blue Mazda sedan and a gray Ford Expedition.  Police say the video shows three men exit the vehicles, removing numerous bags from the Mazda and placing them inside the storage unit.  Police say one of the men matched Page's physical description.

Page has a lengthy rap sheet that includes arrests for felony theft, receiving stolen property, aggravated motor vehicle theft, possession of burglary tools and burglary.

He is also wanted for failure to appear in court on an auto theft case in Arvada.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Thomas R. Page is asked to contact the Denver Police Department.

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