Armed men rob customers at cell phone store on South Federal; police say clerk in on heist

Security video shows her texting just before heist

DENVER - It was a heist caught on camera.

Two men entered the Boost Mobile store on South Federal Boulevard near Ellsworth. One pointed a gun at two customers standing at the front counter, and ordered them to drop down onto the floor.

Court documents obtained by 7NEWS indicate that the robbers took the customer's wallets, which contained a total of $950.  One then pointed the gun at the clerk and yelled, "Give me all the (expletive) money."  She gave him everything that was in the cash register, nearly $2,700.

The robbery occurred at 7:20 p.m. on April 2.  Now, investigators believe that  the clerk was in on the heist.

When police looked at all the security video, they noticed the clerk, Jessica Gallardo, had been texting someone just before the robbery. They also observed her opening the cash register when no customers were in the store, and taking money from under the drawer and placing it in the register.

Police obtained a search warrant to check Gallardo's cell phone and learned that she had deleted 17 text messages sent or received in the two hour period before the heist.  Investigators say seven of the deleted text messages were sent or received 8 minutes prior to the robbery.

The affidavit doesn't state what information was included in the texts.  It does state that Gallardo took the day off after the robbery and then never returned to work.

When police talked to her, she denied involvement in the heist.  They noticed a tattoo on the front side of her neck that says "Deshawn."  Gallardo told police that Deshawn Flores was a former boyfriend, who she is no longer dating.

When officers tried to clear Flores, they learned that he has three "failure to appear" warrants for his arrest, in connection with a robbery, burglary and auto theft. The officer running the check told investigators that Flores matches the description of the one of the robbery suspects at Boost Mobile.

In late April, a deputy with the U.S. Marshal Service told police that he spotted Flores and Gallardo together on two separate occasions.

He said he obtained information on a vehicle Jessica's sister had purchased from United Automotive at 765 Federal Blvd.  The deputy said the vehicle was being repossessed.

Investigators responded to United Automotive and learned that Jessica and Veronica Gallardo and Deshawn Flores had gone to the dealership to purchase a 2003 Honda Accord on April 3.

The manager told police that the car was for Jessica, but was in Veronica's name because Jessica had credit problems.  He said Jessica put a $1,000 cash down payment on the car and agreed to pay $500 at a later date.

He said the car was repossessed because Veronica failed to provide the bank that was financing the vehicle with the proper documentation for financing.

Jessica Gallardo has been charged with one count of aggravated robbery involving a real or simulated weapon.

Her preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 28 at 8:30 a.m.

The owner of the store told 7NEWS there have been several other robberies at the business, and he wonders if Gallardo may have been involved in those as well.

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