Anti-bullying campaign at a Fountain charter school makes parent angry

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - An anti-bullying campaign is causing controversy at a Fountain charter school.

Earlier this week, 4th through 6th graders took turns being ignored at James Madison Charter Academy. Any student who had a sticker on his or her collar was shunned by everyone else for the day.

The students who were selected for ostracism couldn't play with anyone else or talk to anyone else but there were not teased or verbally harassed. All of the children took turns wearing the sticker.

The principal, Dr.Anne Shearer-Shineman, told KKTV-TV that the program would help stop bullying because
all the students experience what it's like to be left out.

But one mother, whose son had to wear a sticker earlier this week, was upset. She said shunning another student is not the same as bullying, and the campaign does not send the right message that real bullies should not be tolerated.

Johanna Myers said her son is constantly bullied and she would like to see the school to do something about it, but this effort is misguided.

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