Annie Meyer murder: Melissa Miller pleads guilty to 2nd degree murder, faces up to 20 years

Nine months after LeAnn "Annie" Meyer disappeared from her Wheat Ridge home, her roommate, Melissa Miller, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Park County court.

The plea deal stipulates a 20 year sentence plus five years of mandatory parole for Miller.

Miller also agreed to pay restitution to Meyer's family and friends.

"Today is all about Annie getting the justice that Annie deserves," said Margaret Coughlan, one of Annie's friends gathered in a small hotel room in Fairplay on Tuesday.

Friends and family traveled from all over the country to Park County because it is where Annie's remains were found last July after months of searching.

"We didn't want to go through a trial," said Pat Meyer, Annie mother. "We just felt that she [Miller] has lied about so many things that if we had a trial, maybe a juror would believe some of her lies."

"Ten days before we found my sister's remains, I was with Miller. And she lied and she fake cried," Mark Meyer, Annie's brother said Wednesday.

The judge sentenced Miller in today's hearing as well.

Pat Meyer said she didn't think 20 years in prison is enough, but it is the best they could hope for.

"Melissa, you have taken Annie away from us," Pat Meyer said in court Wednesday. "How could anyone be so evil?"

"I hope you suffer for what you have done, and I will never forgive you," Pat Meyer said.

"When it's time for her parole eligibility I want Ms. Miller to look at the people around because we will all be here," Mark Meyer said.

"If she gets out she will do it again," said Mark Meyer. "We want you to lock her up and throw away the key."

After Meyer's family and friends spoke, Miller's supporters had their turn.

"This group of friends is always fighting and stealing each other's girlfriends," said Maris Paris, Miller's sister.

"She is not a killer," said Miller's friend Julie Cesa. "I love her to death. She is not a monster or a psycho."

At that point, a friend of Meyer said, "She pled guilty." The judge demanded quiet in the courtroom.

"The saddest part was having taken Annie's life, she persisted in spending Annie's money, for no other reason than to spend it at the casinos," said District Attorney Kathy Eberling.

The judge accepted the plea agreement and gave Miller credit for the 135 days she has served since July 16.

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