Adams County deputy at wrong bldg. shoots, kills Ziggy the dog, say Animal Law Center lawyers

Owner: Deputy 'killed my dog for no reason'

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. - An Adams County sheriff's deputy shot and killed a dog Monday night after deputies went to the wrong building while responding to a burglar alarm, according to lawyers at the Animal Law Center.

Jeff Fisher, the owner of Ziggy, an eight-year-old blue heeler/border collie mix, said he watched as a deputy shot and killed his dog in front of his workshop.

"He (Ziggy) ran past the police officer at the door and he just wanted to see who it was and the police officer shot him three times," Fisher told 7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost. "He killed my dog for no reason, no reason at all."

A spokesman for the Animal Law Center said two deputies were responding to a burglar alarm at another building on Tennyson Street around 8:30 p.m. when they went to Fisher's workshop by mistake.

"I feel like you officers have many more means of diffusing a situation than pulling your firearm and shooting a dog three times," Fisher said.

"That's my dog. I mean I've had him forever. I never thought that's the way my dog would die," he added.

Fisher called Ziggy,  a playful "fetching dog."

"All he wanted to do was play. That's it, he's a fetching dog. He fetched, he wanted to play. That's it."

"My dog was super smart, he had a vocabulary," Fisher said. "I'd say, 'Ziggy, go get your doughnut.' He'd go get his doughnut."

7NEWS is waiting for a return call from the Adams County Sheriff's Office for their reaction.

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