Andrew Dickehage hospitalized after being attacked by three coyotes in Boulder County

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. - A man walking in Boulder County on Monday said he was attacked by three coyotes.

Andrew Dickehage said he thought he heard a bunny rustling in a bush, but when he turned his flashlight on a nearby bush, he was attacked.

"I shined the flashlight and before I could finish turning and pointing it at the brush, that’s when the initial impact happened," Dickenhage said. "At that point, I felt severe agony throughout my hand and I looked down and it [the coyote] wouldn't let go."

"[I] Felt teeth start to sink into my fingers and all I could really think of was to hit it with my flashlight," Dickenhage said.

Dickenhage said he hit the first coyote with a flashlight and that's when the other two started to attack.

"It was like they were aiming for my jugular," Dickenhage said.

Dickenhage said he did his best not to get knocked down until the attack finally stopped and the coyotes gave up.

He was treated at Longmont United Hospital for puncture wounds and scraps.

Wildlife officers located and killed two of the coyotes and are seeking the third, according to ABC News.

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