Adams County deputy shoots, kills suspected drunken driver who pointed gun at deputy, official says

Deputies reponded to reported DUI, rollover

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. - Authorities say an Adams County sheriff's deputy shot and killed a suspected drunken driver who allegedly pointed a gun at the deputy on Monday night.

The shooting happened about 6 p.m. in a rural area near 142nd Avenue and Quebec Street.

Adams County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Terrance O'Neill said a motorist had called 911 to report a suspected drunken driver in the area.

As a deputy responded to the area, the reporting motorist told 911 the suspected drunken driver had rolled the vehicle.

A deputy arrived and found a BMW sedan that had rolled over and landed back on its wheels off the road, O'Neill said.

The deputy approached the crash and spotted the suspected male drunken driver, crouching behind a Volkswagen Beetle driven by the woman who had called 911.

The deputy gave verbal commands to the man and then saw the man point a gun at him, O'Neill said.

The deputy fired twice, hitting and killing the man, O'Neill said. It appears the gunman did not get off a shot, O'Neill said.

Police radio traffic captured the shooting aftermath, according to a recording provided by

Dispatcher: "All units, shots fired. 146 and Quebec."

Deputy: "Party's down. He had a gun. Um, I'm right next to the victim."

Dispatcher: "Copy."

Deputy: "Yeah, give me some help up here and start medical..."

Deputy: "I'm going to wait for a cover car to secure the gun. Um, I can't tell if he's breathing or not."

O'Neill said deputies found beer cans in a box near the crash scene.

Investigators were interviewing the woman who reported the suspect drunken driver and witnessed the shooting.


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