American bulldog stolen from MaxFund Shelter, found OK; Louie found tied to tree

Dog found 2 miles from shelter

DENVER - A bulldog kidnapped from an animal shelter Sunday was found tied to a tree on Monday morning.

MaxFund officials told 7NEWS that the dog, Louie, is OK. The shelter received a call from an woman who said a dog matching Louie's description was tied to a tree at 22nd and California. Officials used a microchip to confirm the dog’s identity.

"I'm so happy. I am just relieved, really. We were really worried about her last night," employee Erica Jenkins said. "I don't what happened or what she went through last night, but we're so glad to have her back, to have her alive and well and she seems okay."

Jenkins said Louie was kidnapped Sunday by a man and a woman who came into the shelter at 1025 Galapago Street in Denver. A couple spent 30 minutes going through a book of adoptable dogs and finally asked to see Louie, an American bulldog.

Employees let the couple take Louie for a walk.

"They asked if they could take Louie on a walk, we did take their ID, they said they didn't have any [car] keys, they rode up on their bike, so they left their bike," Jenkins said. "After quite some time, I thought it was strange they hadn't returned so we went to call the phone number they had left on the sign-in sheet and it was a bogus phone number."

Louie was found about two miles from the shelter around 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Workers told 7NEWS Louie was tired and dehydrated when they found her, but otherwise was OK and is ready for adoption.

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