Agnes Vaille rock slide survivor, Gracie Johnson, off crutches and improving

The lone survivor of a deadly rock slide in October is off her crutches and improving.

"I’m good, I’m doing really well," Gracie Johnson said on the Today Show Thursday. "I’m healing a lot."

Gracie, 13, was hiking with her family to Agnes Vaille Falls near Buena Vista and Salida when boulders the size of cars tumbled down the cliff.

Gracie's mother, father, sister and two cousins were killed.

Miraculously, as the rocks were falling, Gracie's Dad, Dwayne Johnson, managed to push Gracie to a somewhat safer place.

"I was just standing in the open,’’ Gracie said. "He did push me to a rock that was bigger than I was, and just saved me."

A deputy found Gracie in the slide.

"I heard a small girl cry out and I could only see her hand coming up through the boulders," Chaffee County deputy Nick Tolsma said. "I immediately went over there and started tossing off the boulders."

Rescuers got Gracie to the trailhead and she was taken by Flight for Life helicopter to Children's Hospital in Aurora.

Gracie had multiple fractures and internal bleeding. But this week, she said she got rid of her crutch.

Gracie still lives in Buena Vista. Her aunt, uncle and a cousin moved there to care for Gracie.

"The town's great," said Daryle Johnson. "Loving it up there."

"I’m handling it really well," Gracie said. "I’m doing really good."

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