After woman was caught apparently trying to leave baby on doorstep, cops search for sick child

Northglenn police concerned about baby's welfare

NORTHGLENN, Colo. - Police are searching for a very sick baby, who was nearly abandoned by its mother Wednesday morning.

A woman in Northglenn said she heard a noise at her front door around 9:30 a.m., and when she went to investigate, she found a 4-month-old baby in a car seat on her front porch.

The baby had what appeared to be an oxygen tube running from its nose to a portable oxygen bottle.

The woman told police she saw a Hispanic woman - presumably the mother - walking away from the home, toward the street. The woman yelled at the mother asking her what was going on.

The mother then walked back to the door and took the baby back, saying she thought she was at her nanny's house and that the infant had a medical problem regarding caloric intake.

The woman tried to get the mother to stop, but the mother returned to her car and drove away.

"The woman that found the baby is obviously very distraught. Because she wished she had the child so we could help him," said Commander Beth Carmosino of Northglenn Police.

The witness described the mother as a Hispanic woman in her 20s, approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, 170 pounds with brown hair. She was wearing a gray sweater and looked unkempt. The mom had some reddening on her chin, possibly from an injury, police said.

Police are extremely concerned about the welfare of the baby and have checked hospitals, fire stations and Dumpsters, but cannot find the infant.

Carmosino said that given the description of the baby, it sounds like the child is in desperate need of medical attention and may be in "a bad situation."

At this point, however, officials cannot issue an Amber Alert because it doesn't meet the criteria.

The mother was last seen fleeing the area, which was near Bruce Lane and West 99th Avenue.
She left in a 1990s gold 4-door sedan and the baby's car seat carrier was blue and grey, the witness said.

Police say this appears to be random, but feel the woman could live in the area, since she picked a specific subdivision.

"We just want to know you and your baby are healthy. That we can help you if you need the help," said Commander Carmosino.

Anyone who may know the identities of the child or mother is asked to call Detective Terrie Hoodak at 303-450-8893  ext. 8858.

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