After Sebastian the dachshund was killed by a pit bill, family gets new puppy

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - The Englewood couple whose dog was killed by a pit bull is getting a new puppy this weekend.

Eileen Trujillo, 63, told 7NEWS that she and her husband, Johnny, were taking their 10-year-old dachshund, Sebastian, for a walk on a leash last Friday when they decided to enter a 7-Eleven store nearby to get the dog a treat.

While they were in the convenience store, Trujillo said the clerk was complaining that a pit bull was wandering around outside the 7-Eleven and that calls to Animal Control proved fruitless as the agency claimed no one could pick up the dog until Monday.

Trujillo said Sebastian climbed up onto the floor board of her scooter as she exited the store and that's when the pit bull raced up and pulled the dachshund off and attacked it.

Sebastian died. Trujillo and her husband were heartbroken.

"He was our baby," said Johnny Trujillo.

The Trujillo's daughter said her parents initially didn't want another dog.

"[My Mom] was saying it was too hard, they couldn't handle the loss," Melissa Lopez told 7NEWS.

However, Lopez said a woman contacted her through Facebook and offered her Daisy, a 13-week old mini dachshund.

Lopez said she and a neighbor convinced her parents that the grief didn't outweigh the joy that a dog brings you on a daily basis.

"[They're] not replacing Sebastian, they're loving another dog in his memory," Lopez said.

Plus, Lopez said, her mom misses the companionship.

"She's lonely," Lopez said.

The Trujillos agreed and are scheduled to meet Daisy on Sunday.

"They're excited to meet their new puppy," Lopez said.

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