Aerial tour of Lefthand Canyon damage after Colorado floods

LEFTHAND CANYON, Colo. - AirTracker 7 flew over Lefthand Canyon on Thursday, giving us an aerial tour of the damage to the roads and homes in the canyon.

Entire sections of the road are gone or crumbling.

Some of the houses seen in the video are still standing, but the roads around them, such as Lefthand Canyon Drive toward Highway 36, are sheared off. The road going west on Lefthand Canyon Drive simply doesn't exist anymore.

Other sections appear to be covered in mudslides.

Lefthand Creek has entirely washed the road away, which is why accessibility remains difficult if not impossible to Jamestown.

Where the water is running now, in some areas, is not the path of Lefthand Creek. The old creek is 250 yards away and it is now dry. The new path of Lefthand Creek now runs across highways.

See the raw video above. Mobile users, click here:

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