Adams County bomb squad removes military style grenade from Aurora back yard

Police cordon off neighborhood at 16th & Moline

AURORA, Colo. - Aurora police cordoned off the intersection at 16th Avenue and Moline Street Friday and asked nearby residents to stay indoors after a neighbor found a “military style” hand grenade in the back yard of a triplex.

Sources tell 7NEWS the grenade appeared to have been hidden under some debris against a back fence.

The Adam County Hazardous Devices Unit was called in to help.

Unit members used a robot to retrieve the grenade and place it in a safety box.

It was then taken away for demolition.

“I saw all the police activity and thought maybe someone got shot,” said Rocio Reza. “Then I learned it was a grenade.”

Reza said she’s glad the bomb squad took care of it.

“I have kids at home,” she said. “And there are a lot of kids on the property that could be injured by something like that.”

7NEWS has learned that the explosive material in the grenade had been removed, but neither police nor neighbors knew that at the time.

Neither did they know if there were still remnants of the fuse inside.

Police say fuses themselves can be explosive.

“It’s crazy,” said Shavonne Walker, who lives across the street from where the grenade was found. “Why would somebody put a hand grenade in somebody’s back yard?”

Police also found some ammunition magazines among the debris.

They too were removed.

Residents were allowed back on the street around 2 p.m.

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