Actor, comedian Tommy Chong visits Colorado marijuana shop

PUEBLO, Colo. - Actor, comedian and marijuana activist Tommy Chong visited a marijuana shop in Pueblo over the weekend.

Chong, of the famous "Cheech and Chong" comedy duo, visited Marisol Therapeutics to celebrate the legalization of recreational marijuana.

"Everything I stood for, everything I went to jail for, everything I believed in, and the means of my existence is all based around marijuana," Chong told KRDO-TV. "It was no reason to put anybody in jail. That's what been solved here."

"All they did on the first, second and third day was make money. There was no riots, no fighting, nothing but love and money," Chong said.

"Just finished my 7th  J and boy is my mouth dry. This legalization is tough on n old stoner," Chong tweeted Jan. 3.

Monday Chong tweeted, "Back in L.A. after celebrating Colorado's Got it Legal party...Feeling so good right now...future never looked brighter!"

Chong even posted this video of himself surrounded by marijuana plants on his Instagram account:

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