Active shooter training held at Larkspur Elementary School

LARKSPUR - If you see police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency personnel rushing to Larkspur Elementary School Tuesday -- it is only a drill.

Larkspur Fire in conjunction with the Douglas County Multi‐Jurisdiction Training Consortium and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office is conducting an active shooter training for local emergency personnel.

Officials said the goal is to create a streamlined unified response in an active shooter situation.

"The training objective is to have fire and police unite, creating Rescue Task Force (RTF) with firm understanding of how responders should position and move in unison, communicate, and set up  casualty collection points and mass‐casualty triage," according to a news release. "The ultimate goal is getting the injured transported, while keeping emergency fire and police personnel safe."

The agencies involved in the drill include Castle Rock, Franktown, Jackson 105, Larkspur, and Palmer Lake fire protection districts.

The training was also held June 2 and 9.

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