Mother nearly arrested after dispute with Spirit Airlines flight attendant

Passengers defend mother after plane lands

DENVER - Northern Colorado resident Carey Belveal was returning to Denver after a trip to Houston with her 7-year-old son Tristen when an inflight incident occurred.

She was upset when she claims a Spirit Airlines flight attendant did nothing to help her son open the lavatory door.

"I said to her, 'Why don't you help my son?'  I was like that.  Because you could see he was struggling," said Belveal in an interview with 7NEWS.

That's when things got bumpy.
"(The attendant) said a lot of things like, 'You can't disrespect me that way.  You can't speak to me that way,' " said Belveal.

Belveal said the flight attendant blocked the way to her seat.  She acknowledges she touched the flight attendant as she tried to get by, by using her hand to push her way to the aisle.

Belveal says for the remainder of the flight attendant harassed her. When the plane finally landed, officers came on board, and other passengers came to Carey's defense.

"She didn't do anything.  Clearly.  It's true," said a passenger on cell phone video obtained by 7NEWS.
"That flight attendant was out of control.  That was not OK.  Not OK," could also be heard on the video.

Carey wasn't charged but is embarrassed about this sky-high scenario.

"If I could do it again, I just wouldn't have said anything," she said.

7NEWS is awaiting a response from Florida-based Spirit Airlines.


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