Local family connects with relatives in Typhoon Haiyan aftermath

Family concerned about Philippines damage

DENVER - After hours of uncertainty, Washington Park resident Nora Niblo is now connected with her family in the Philippines as Super Typhoon Haiyan crosses the islands.

She spoke to her nephew Raymon by phone this morning.

"I called him this morning.  I said how are you," said Niblo. "He said we are fine.  We are here inside the house and it's not flooding.  It's not the same as a few miles away."
Her brother Ramon also lives on the Island of Panay, south of Manila. 
In the meantime, Nora's daughter Bernadette is depending on social media to keep the family informed in Colorado.

"The small town that my mom lives near or her family lives near in the Philippines, they actually have their own Facebook page, so I follow that."
 The damage to the infrastructure will be significant.  Yet Nora finds comfort, knowing there's a culture of neighbor helping neighbor.

"The culture of the Philippines is, if you don't have any, give someone else.  Share," said Nora.


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