8th Grader says someone stole her identity and is bullying her through Facebook

SEDALIA, Colo. - Parents of an 8th grade girl are furious after someone created a Facebook account using their daughter's name.

Greg and Jody Alexander said their daughter Merinda Alexander found out about the page after a classmate confronted her Thursday regarding an explicit message sent from the account. Alexander doesn't have an account and said she doesn't know who's behind the fake one.

Her mother told 7NEWS they've requested to 'friend' the account, but the administrator won't accept the request.

"I'm heartbroken. I just want to sit down and cry. I can't believe anybody would trash my daughter like that," Jody said.

The page was created December 18th and has marijuana leaves in the profile photo and a picture of a tombstone with Alexander's full name on it. Her parents told 7NEWS they called the Douglas County School district but were not called back. They also reached out to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office but were told they couldn't help.

"When we reach out to the Douglas County Sheriff's Department, and they say there's nothing they can do. My feeling is where do I go for protection for my family," said Alexander's father Greg.

7NEWS talked with a spokesperson for the sheriff's department; she told us this is a "huge concern" and they would follow-up with the family immediately. She said there are policies and education in place to handle cyberbullying.

Douglas County School District also returned our call. A spokesperson for the district said they've contacted the school resource officer.

Meanwhile, Merinda's parents said, "it's just one huge ball of stress in this family."

They've contacted Facebook several times about the account and will continue to fight for the removal of the site.

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