7NEWS questions lawmakers on Fiscal Cliff talks

Many local lawmakers spend long weekend in Colo.

DENVER - As the fiscal cliff looms, Colorado lawmakers maintain work is getting done on fiscal cliff, despite spending weekend away from their offices in Washington.

"I believe now is the time to come together and create a budget and spending reduction plan on a bipartisan basis," said Rep.  Diana DeGette (D) Colorado.

Yet Congresswoman DeGette wasn't promoting her ideas in the halls of Congress.  Instead she held a press conference on her home turf in Denver, far from her colleagues on the other side of the aisle.

Degette isn't alone. Republican Cory Gardner is also spending the weekend back home in the West, meeting with constituents.

"Why not sit face-to-face with your colleagues from other side of the aisle over the weekend and have those discussions,  if this so dire?" asked 7NEWS Reporter Marc Stewart

"Certainly, just like you and I are having a conversation over Skype.  We're having conversations with our colleagues across the country. Whether it's a cell phone an email or video conference.  And so, just because you're not in Washington D.C., it doesn't mean you're not in constant contact," said Gardner.

7NEWS checked with all 7 Colorado members of Congress.   At this point we can only confirm Republican Mike Coffman spent Friday in Washington.

As for what they did earlier in the week -- we asked for every lawmaker for their specific schedule,     instead were given summaries -- noting meetings with party leaders and constituents.    

7NEWS wanted those schedules so we could hold lawmakers accountable.  But they're not required by law to make them public.

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