7NEWS questions governor's claims about health risks during govt shutdown

Hickenlooper says shutdown is preventing tests

DENVER - In an interview with ABCNEWS.com, Gov. John Hickenlooper blasts federal lawmakers, claiming the government shutdown is preventing E. coli testing in the Colorado flood zones.

"Every level, the scientific measuring the water quality, making sure E. coli isn't on the grass where little kids are playing. We're going to have some sick kids almost for sure, just because of the shutdown," he told ABCNews.

Yet this past Tuesday, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released a map showing where E. Coli testing has been taking place and confirming it's presence in many of the water ravaged areas.

Officials have confirmed to 7NEWS that a new round of tests are planned.

In addition to the state, 7NEWS checked with FEMA, the Boulder County Health Department and the Weld County Health Department.

No agency reported concerns with testing as the governor was suggesting.    

"You know my question to the knuckleheads in Congress, You know, where is the -- if you're going to represent people, you've got to have a certain level of empathy," Hickenlooper told ABC News.

The governor's spokesperson Eric Brown provided this statement to 7NEWS late Thursday evening.

"The Governor’s concerns were based on the uncertainty of the future since two-thirds of CDPHE funding comes from the federal government. Right now, CDPHE is working hard to help ensure public safety by using state labs instead of federal labs," said Brown.

ABCNews.com story link: http://ch7ne.ws/GOrkvM

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