7,000 car registration stickers replaced in Arapahoe County in 2013; some due to theft

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. - In 2013, Arapahoe County replaced 7,000 car registration stickers, some of which may have been stolen.

Earlier this week, Enrique Chavez noticed his 2015 renewal sticker was ripped off his license plate. When he took his plate into the Arapahoe County Motor Vehicle department, he was told, "I was like the 7th or 8th person in the last week to have the same issue."

7NEWS asked the county's Clerk and Recorder Matt Crane if they have seen a spike in sticker thefts.

"We did a lot of investigating after we talked yesterday and we haven’t seen anything abnormal," Crane said. "In 2013, we did just under 7,000 tab replacements. I think we’re right around 1,500 for this year, so it’s at a slower rate this year than what we saw last year."

The county does not keep track of why someone is replacing a tab. Crane said often it is because it fell off, was misplaced or had not been received in the mail.

"There’s always stories about people who have had their tabs stolen. We try to do the things in Colorado where the tag is somewhat tamper proof, so if you try to rip it off it’s supposed to shred."

But that was not the case for Chavez, who is unsure when his sticker was taken. Chavez only had to pay $2.50 for his replacement sticker, but he said it is a hassle.

"It looked like somebody used a razor blade or something really sharp I'm not sure what," Chavez said. "It's more frustrating than anything else, having to take time out of my day to go renew it."

7NEWS contacted Denver and Jefferson counties to see how many tabs each county replaced in 2013. We had not heard back during the time this story was written.

Each county does track the number of license plates stolen. If that happens, you are asked to fill out a form and return in to your local clerk and records office.

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