4 suspects arrested after car chase and officer shooting are identified, some appear in court

5th suspect who died not identified

DENVER - The four surviving suspects believed to be involved with Wednesday's vehicle pursuit and shooting of a Denver officer were identified Thursday. At least two of them also appeared in court.

Jude Montoya, 21, and Alyssa Moralez, 21, both wore red jumpsuits and shackles in court Thursday. Morales, who was injured when the red pickup truck crashed at the conclusion of the chase, also wore a neck brace.

Judge Claudia Jordan had to ask for Montoya's attention, because he was turning around and seemed to be looking for someone in the court room.

According to the Denver and Thornton Police Departments, the chase and shooting ended a series of events that started in Thornton around 11:26 a.m. Thornton Police Department spokesman Matt Barnes said officers were sent to the 2400 block of East 101st Way after reports of an armed man threatening another man and a female with a handgun.

Barnes said the incident happened at the same address that a 4-month-old baby died earlier Wednesday morning.  He said there was nothing suspicious about the infant's death. Additionally, there was no known relationship between man who brandished the weapon and the victim.

Barnes said the suspect fled in a red pickup truck with at least two others, a male and a female. Police agencies were alerted to be on the lookout.

"Late morning, we did receive information from Adams County of a vehicle involved in somewhat of a mini crime spree. It’s the vehicle that we eventually stopped," said Denver Police Chief Robert White.

One officer, identified by sources as Robert Motyka, was shot in the shoulder while chasing the red pickup.

According to the court proceedings, both Montoya and Moralez are being held for investigation of the attempted murder of a peace officer. Moralez also faces a first degree assault charge.

The other two suspects were identified by Denver Police as Michael Valdez, 38, and Chuck Montoya, 34. They also face charges including the attempted murder of a peace officer.

The fifth suspect, who was shot and killed by officers, was not identified Thursday.

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