4 burglars caught in the act at cash for gold store in Littleton, Jefferson County deputies said

Suspects linked to burglary at additional store

LITTLETON, Colo. - Deputies said the four people caught burglarizing a coin and cash-for-gold shop in Littleton early Thursday morning also robbed a coin store on South Broadway.

The suspects broke into the Coins We Buy Gold store on West Bowles Avenue across from Clement Park about 1:30 a.m. An hour before that robbery,  the suspects robbed the All American Coin and Jewelry at 5819 South Broadway, deputies said.

Surveillance video obtained by 7NEWS showed four men break a glass door and enter the store. The suspects were masked. One grabbed a chair and threw it into a glass case trying to break it. Another suspect is seen trying to kick in a massive safe, then grabbed bolt cutters to try and open it.

The store owner David Lewis told 7NEWS he kept his valuable items in the safe.

"I'm a little upset because it looks like they really tried to destroy the whole store," said Lewis.  "They went through every drawer, every place in the store and pulled everything and threw it on the floor."

Jefferson County deputies said they saw four men stuffing items into the back of a stolen Subaru when they arrived at the second location.

Deputies said the suspects scattered -- two ran and were caught -- and two went back into store and hid. Deputies said they eventually convinced them to come out of the store.

Two juveniles and two adults were arrested, deputies told 7NEWS. 20 year-old Quan Nguyen and 18 year-old Jamy Cham are being held at the Jefferson County jail for burglary and stealing a car. 7NEWS checked and found Nguyen was arrested in 2011 for robbery.

The Subaru was photographed and towed away shortly after 6 a.m. Thursday. Investigators told 7NEWS the car was stolen from Denver.

Deputies were still calculating the value of what was stolen, but the coins that were recovered covered six large tables. Deputies said there is about $20,000 in damage to the stores.

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