4 questioned after death of llama spotted at Trinidad State Junior College

Llama killed with arrow, had slit throat

TRINIDAD, Colo. - Trinidad Police say the llama spotted walking around the campus of Trinidad State Junior College earlier this week was killed.

"Authorities are currently interviewing two adult males and two juvenile males believed to be responsible for the death of the llama," Trinidad Police said in a statement sent to 7NEWS. "One of the males being questioned is believed to be a part owner of the animal."

A spokesperson was not available Saturday to confirm whether the interviews led to arrests.

The animal appears to have been killed with an arrow. Its throat had also been slit, the Pueblo Chieftain reported. Three of the men were questioned after allegedly being shown in photographs posted to Facebook with the dead llama. One the four is the animal's owner, the newspaper reported.

The llama was first spotted Wednesday morning on campus. School officials said the Trinidad Police Department was called in to assist with removing the llama, because it wouldn't let anyone near it.

Officers attempted to round up the animal, but it ran off on its own toward the western edge of the city limits.

"Officers followed it to the edge of the city limits, where it went into the foothills," school officials said on Facebook.

The dead llama was located close to Atchison Canyon, where the animal was last seen by officers.

Once the criminal investigation is complete, the report will be sent to the Las Animas County District Attorney’s Office for review and recommendation of charges, the police department said.

Watch a YouTube video below of the llama chase on campus:

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