38 pieces of family jewelry for a soon-to-be bride are missing from a bag left in Cherry Creek North

DENVER - Family heirlooms meant for a bride at her wedding next weekend are missing.

Connie Leach is the mother-of-the-bride. She flew in from California with a small red suitcase with 38 unique pieces of jewelry for her daughter to choose from for her wedding at the Air Force Academy chapel.

"I'm having a really bad day," said Leach. "In order to see what jewelry would go with the dress, I brought the family jewelry to the store."

Her daughter, Morgan, was having her gown fitted at a Cherry Creek North tailor near Second Avenue and Clayton Street on Friday morning.

"We drove off and five minutes later we realized that the bag that had all the jewelry in was no longer with us," Leach said.

Leach thinks she left the bag sitting outside of her car. They realized almost immediately and were back to the tailor's parking lot in about 20 minutes, but the bag was not there.

"We looked in every dumpster around the area," said Leach. "Came here, opened the lid. I'm short, but I peered in trying to find it, but it wasn't there. (I) went to this dumpster, these garbage cans," said Leach. "We looked in bushes. We looked everywhere."

There was a significant value to some of the jewelry, but to Leach, most of the value is sentimental.

"My favorite was the one my grandfather had given my grandmother which came from a dime store. (It) isn't real silver, isn't anything, it's just -- I have the first piece he ever gave to her and now it's gone," Leach said.

"There's an opal ring that has diamond baguettes around it that my husband gave me," she added. "A gold necklace that has an emerald on it, with diamonds surrounding the emerald. There's a sapphire bracelet that has sapphire stones on it with diamonds surrounding the sapphires. These were generational pieces that we can't replace."

She even described a pair of earrings that come with a deeply emotional story.

"I ended up lending them to my dear friend who had a rare cancer; only two people in the world have survived this cancer. I said, 'You need these.' (I) put the earrings on her and she just was radiant and she survived. She's one of two who survived, so I'd love to get those earrings back for many reasons."

7NEWS checked with a dozen businesses along Second Avenue and Clayton Street to see if there was any surveillance video that showed anything. The JW Marriott checked its surveillance in front of its entrance, but did not see anyone walk by with a red suitcase.

One of the construction sites has a webcam that records a time lapse, taking a photo about every 15 minutes. Part of the photo shows the intersection of Second Avenue and Clayton Street. The snapshots that the time lapse recorded did not show anyone with a red bag.

"Someone has it. So whoever has it, if they could turn it in? If they could call the news station and say they have it. I don't want to press charges. I would love to give a reward and get it back."

Crimestoppers is also offering a reward of up to $2,000.

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