$35K lost in Anonymous 'hacktivists' feud, Denver man blamed

Future of the hugely popular news feed in doubt

DENVER - A dispute over thousands of dollars in missing money has led to a fight over control of a news feed run for Anonymous hacktivists and centers on members in Denver, the BBC reported Tuesday.

In 2013, more than $54,000 was raised via the Indiegogo funding site to turn the YourAnonNews Twitter account into "a weekly news show, provide embedded coverage of direct actions, and run a new website to help ignite protest and DIY journalism around the world."

The group turned to Indiegogo, the crowd-funding website and having set out with a goal of raising just $2,000, within weeks it saw 1,307 people donating a total of $54,668.

A statement posted on the YourAnonNews website said that $35,000 "went missing." 

The investigation into the missing money has led to Christopher Banks, of Denver, who bills himself as a founder of "Your Anon News," the BBC reported  Christopher Banks goes by @JackalAnon on Twitter.

He has been cut off from the main Anonymous Twitter account. has reportedly refused many times to explain what happened to the missing Indiegogo cash that he was instrumental in raising and administering, the network reported.

"Unbeknownst to our collective, the contributor who launched this fundraiser had become a fraud.  A basic criminal. Upon receiving the sum of those contributions, he mishandled them in the most egregious way. Of the $54,000 he raised, some $35,000 went missing that we know of. There’s no way for us to know where it went, or what he ultimately decided to do with it. He has refused to cooperate and tell us the truth. We feel he should be held accountable for his actions or tossed aside -- hell, if we had our way, he’d be fed to the dogs," read a statement posted on YourAnonNews.

To complicate matters, four people who helped investigate what happened to the cash and were helping to run the YourAnonNews feed have fallen out over the best way to carry on with the project, according to the BBC.

This new disagreement  led one member of this group to cut off the other three people from the Twitter account. Now, that person has also stepped back from running the news feed. Instead, it has been handed over to other activists based in Denver who are also associated with the Anonymous movement, the BBC reported.

7NEWS has emailed Banks for comment on the story.

Read the full BBC story: http://ch7ne.ws/SZsHOD

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