34 cars vandalized overnight in southeast Denver

DENVER - Windows were smashed or tires were slashed on 34 cars in Denver Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

Police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez said the vandalism occurred in two areas of South Denver -- from the 600 Block of South Exposition to Hampden and from Yosemite to Leyden.

Of the 34 cars, 19 had tires slashed and the others had windows broken between the hours of 10 p.m. Tuesday and 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Matthew Livingstone told 7NEWS this was the second time in about a month that his car's window was smashed. He also said that police told him they've found blood on the glass of some of the cars.

"It sucks, I've got two new windows on this side of the car in a month," he said. "I'm trying to see the humor in it, but there hardly is any bit it's one of those things you can't do anything about once it's done."

Lopez says it is unclear if the two groupings of vandalism are connected.

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