3 varieties of counterfeit cash are being circulated in the City of Montrose

MONTROSE, Colo. - Three varieties of counterfeit cash -- two versions of a fake $20 and one version of a fake $100 -- are being circulated in the City of Montrose and businesses are being warned.

The Montrose Police Department describes the counterfeits as being "of very poor quality." The $20 bills use serial numbers EG40548458B and IK61309766C, while the $100 bills use serial number HA61428570A.

Although police specifically identified those three varieties of counterfeit bills, they cautioned that others could also be counterfeited.

Police want to remind cashiers that genuine currency will have watermarks of the president that appear on that amount, a metal strip that notes the amount, color-changing ink on the front of the bill and small red or blue fibers in the paper.

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