$2,700 buys a Super Bowl ticket in the upper deck

DENVER - A Super Bowl "cheap seat" is going for $2,700 -- even on the NFL's official second-hand marketplace, PrimeSport.com.

Lucky Broncos fan Ben McDaniel is going to the big game for free with his boss/dad.

But Ben says it's still a pricey "trip of a lifetime." He and his dad bought tickets through PrimeSport -- which charged an 18 percent fee.

"There's one posting on the website for a million-dollar box and I was thinking, 18 percent - that's $180,000 dollars" -- just for the PrimeSport fee.

McDaniel says they were able to get airfare for about $400 and a hotel room in New Jersey for $250/night.

"We talked about it and the way we justified it was that, you know, it's kind of the trip of a lifetime and the experience of a lifetime," Ben said.

Watch Russell Haythorn's video story above.

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