25 percent of Colorado foster kids on psychotropic medications

DENVER - A University of Colorado analysis obtained by The Denver Post shows that more than 25 percent of Colorado's foster children in 2012 were prescribed psychotropic drugs.

The Post Sunday reported that foster children took antipsychotics at a rate 12 times greater than other children on government insurance. About 4,300 of Colorado's 16,800 foster children were prescribed psychotropic drugs in 2012.

Officials say more foster children have suffered trauma in their lives and are in need of medication. Critics say the drugs basically "zombie-fy" kids.

State health officials are moving to more closely monitor children who have no diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other psychosis but have been prescribed psychotropic drugs. State officials say out-of-date technology issues make it difficult to tell whether patients have a diagnosis.

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