1 shot in Holly Square area in Denver, DPD says

DENVER - Police are investigating a shooting at  East 33rd Avenue and Holly Street that injured one person.

The victim was transported to the hospital but the extent of the injuries is not known.

There are conflicting reports on if the shooting was a drive-by. It occurred around 4:45 p.m.

Police did not say if they are looking for a gunman. A police spokesman initially reported that two people were shot but clarified that it was only one victim.

The shooting occurred in the same troubled area where there was a shooting in September.

The Holly Square Shopping Center at East 33rd Avenue and Holly Street was burned down in 2008 by Crips seeking retaliation for the slaying of their local leader Michael Asberry, according to the Denver Post.

The shopping center was rebuilt with a recreation center, basketball courts and a Boys & Girls club,  and was meant to be a beacon to rally the community together.

However, on Sept. 20, that parking lot was the site of a shooting that injured reputed gang member Isaiah Hasan Jones.  Police arrested antigang activist, Terrance Roberts, in that shooting. Roberts is currently free on bond.

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