2 robberies, 2 attempted robberies over weekend in Superior, Wheat Ridge, Thornton may be related

Robberies all occurred to women

SUPERIOR, Colo. - Two robberies and two attempted robberies that targeted women over the weekend in Superior, Thornton and Wheat Ridge may all be related.

In Superior, thieves brandished a gun and demanded a woman's purse as she was walking to her car outside Boulder Valley Ice Sunday afternoon. According to Sgt. Bill Crist, the suspects were described as two Hispanic males who drove away in a car that might have been a Toyota.

If it was, in fact, related to the other cases, she would be the third woman targeted in that hour that day.

Jennifer Giles, a clerk at Bradley’s Gas Station at 8875 N Washington St. in Thornton, was the victim of one of the two attempted robberies earlier Sunday.

"They had their jackets bunched up around their heads, just sitting on their shoulders, so that made me already like, 'Something's not right here,'" she said of her encounter with the suspects.

Surveillance video from the gas station showed the men pulling up in a Toyota Camry. Giles said the driver showed her his gun.

"He says, 'Empty your register,' and I was like, 'Nope!'"

"Because I had seen the gun and I knew it wasn't real, I think that's why I acted the way I did," Giles said. "It didn't bother me none. If it would have been a real gun, it probably would have been a different story. 'Hello!'"

She said she closed the drive-through window, "turned and laughed a little bit and walked away."

The surveillance video shows the Camry speeding away, but Thornton police said two men matching the same description tried to steal a woman's purse in parking lot of the Costco at 16375 N. Washington St. just 20 minutes later. The woman fell down, but the robbery was unsuccessful.

Once again, the suspects' were described as leaving in a Camry.

7NEWS has also learned that Wheat Ridge police are investigating a robbery at another gas station the day before.

"They're terrorizing people. That's all they're doing is terrorizing people," said Giles.

Wheat Ridge police said that all the robbery detectives in the region work closely together and they will be looking into whether they have a serial robber on their hands.

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