2 more Colorado National Guardsmen charged with theft in referral bonus scam

BRIGHTON, Colo. - Two more Colorado Army National members have been charged with fraudulently collecting thousands of dollars in referral bonuses for recruits.

Prosecutors alleged Tuesday that Master Sgt. Jerry Gerome Wilson wrongly received $43,000 and Staff Sgt. Luke Quinn Peelgrane received $25,000.

Last month, Sgt. Christopher Thomas Clark was accused of fraudulently receiving $28,000.

Wilson and Peelgrane didn't immediately return phone calls seeking comment. No phone number could be found for Clark.

Each is charged with one count of third-degree felony theft, which normally carries a sentence of four to eight years in prison upon conviction.

Authorities initially said Clark was a recruiter, but the Guard said Tuesday none of the men was a recruiter. They were participating in a program that awarded bonuses for referring potential Guard members to recruiters.

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