2 men arrested after Greeley police find them with 4 missing girls; 1 charged with sex assault

4 young girls reunited with family after search

GREELEY, Colo. - A young girl was sexually assaulted while she and three others were in the company of two men who are now under arrest for the incident, Greeley Police said.

Neighbors told 7NEWS that the two suspects are Mafe Cruz-Berula, 20, and Uriel Garcia, 18. Police later confirmed the identities of the suspects and jail records show both men are currently being held.

Those records show, and police confirm, Cruz-Berula is being held without bond on charges of sex assault on a child, sex assault in the first degree and contributing to delinquency. Temoxtile-Garcia is also being held without bond, but only for the charge of contributing to delinquency.

Greeley Police spokeswoman Sgt. Susan West said the four girls, ages 12, 10, six and five, were reported missing at approximately 6:30 p.m. Sunday.  

All the girls live in the same complex in the 1900 block of 2nd Street.  

West said Garcia is the boyfriend of a family friend of one of the older girls.

The older girls left the apartment complex with the younger girls following and met up with the two men before returning to Garcia's apartment.

After the girls were reported missing, one of the girls answered a cell phone and was told the police were searching for them. Subsequent calls were unanswered.

West said interviews led police to check Garcia's apartment for the girls. When officers arrived, they heard people inside but nobody answered the door.

West said one man climbed out a window and onto the roof, where he was arrested. The second man was found and arrested in one of the bedrooms inside the apartment.

The five year old was found sleeping in the living room and the other girls were found hiding in the bathroom.

Officers did find evidence of the consumption of alcohol in the apartment, West said.

West said that during interviews officers learned of sexual activity between Cruz-Berula and one of the older girls. They found no other indications of sexual activity with the other girls.

Both men are scheduled for court appearances on Tuesday at 1 p.m.

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