1st Lakewood officer shot, killed in the line of duty

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - When Officer Jim Davies was shot and killed in the line of duty in Lakewood on Friday, it was the first time that had happened in Lakewood Police history.

"It has rocked the department," according to police spokesman Steve Davis.

Davies, a 7-year veteran of the department, was shot and killed by friendly fire outside a home near the border of Lakewood and Edgewater on Friday morning. Officers were already in the area on an unrelated call when they heard shots fired and went to investigate, Davis said.

More shots were fired and the officer was hit. No one else was hurt. Three people were taken into custody, police said.

"Shock and heartbroken does not even begin to be adequate," Davis said.

The Lakewood Police Department was created in 1970. 

The department has more than 400 employees and 100-plus volunteers, according to its website.

"Since 1970, the motto: Integrity, Intelligence, Initiative has defined the way the department does business," the website says.

In state history, only two other officers have been killed in friendly fire incidents.

Cpl. Edgar Blain Rains, Jr. was killed on May 30, 1984 while responding to a domestic dispute in which a husband was menacing his wife with a handgun. When the suspect went out a back door, another officer's shotgun blast traveled through gaps in a brick wall and a 6 foot privacy fence, passed through a 1-inch opening between a gutter spout and a wall, and struck Corporal Rains as he peaked over the fence.

The first officer killed by friendly fire in Colorado was Pueblo Police Department Patrolman Addison O. Hinsdale, Jr. He was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow officer who was firing at a hit-and-run driver on Oct. 4, 1920.


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