17-year-old 'observer' at an illegal street race dies after his car was hit by speeding, stolen BMW

AURORA, Colo - A 17-year-old boy died Tuesday night, two days after his car was hit by a speeding, stolen car at an illegal street race in Aurora, police said.

"This is a tragic crash in many ways," Aurora police spokesman Lt. Jeff Turner said in a statement.

The victim, Louis Andrew Guerrero-Sanchez of Commerce City, was an observer at the Sunday night street race when his car was struck by another driver who was passing recklessly, Turner said.

The hit-and-run driver, who has not been apprehended, was behind the wheel of a BMW car that was stolen in Denver on Dec. 20, Turner added. The BMW was stolen because its owner had left it running and unattended.

Witnesses said that a large number of cars were participating in the illegal racing just before midnight at East Smith Road and Ensenada Street.

Guerrero-Sanchez was driving a Honda westbound on Smith Road and had started to make a left turn at Ensenada. The speeding BMW driver tried to pass the Honda and, as Guerrero-Sanchez turned, the BMW slammed into the Honda's driver-side door, Turner said.

The gravely injured Guerrero-Sanchez was rushed to a hospital, along with two injured Honda passengers.

"There were numerous witnesses to the fatal crash who also fled the scene, more concerned that they not get in trouble for participating in an illegal street race than in helping a seriously injured person," Turner said.

The BMW driver and as many as four passengers ran from the wreck.

"The Aurora Police Traffic Section continues to investigate this crash and [investigators] have made significant progress toward identifying the driver and occupants of the stolen BMW," Turner said. "We continue to follow a number of leads and will do so until this case is solved and justice is done."

"We know that there are a number of witnesses to the crash, and many who know who was in the stolen BMW at the time of the crash. We ask that anyone with information contact Agent Chinn at 303-739-6342," Turner added.

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