15 cited -- including 7 CSU students -- in wild street party 'riot' near campus

4 face riot-related charges

FORT COLLINS, Colo - Fort Collins police have cited 15 young people in connection with spring street parties that spun out of control with people climbing on light poles, roofs, cars and trees, and hurling bottles at police.

Police said seven of those cited are Colorado State University students.

The April 27 parties in the Summerhill neighborhood, a few blocks from the CSU campus, were promoted on the CSU Confessions Facebook page. One post read in part, "the rules are: byob, be respectful, rage, have fun, be safe, and pee where nobody can see… Going to be legendary."  CSU Confessions later disavowed any role in the events.

Police said the parties were shut down after residents complained about a rowdy crowd estimated at 300 people clogging the street and blaring music.

"Police dispersed the partygoers who cooperated until the music was shut off. The crowd became unruly and aggressive, breaking bottles, climbing on streetlight poles, cars, and trees, and throwing bottles at police," Fort Collins police said in Wednesday statement.

Videos and photos posted on social media websites captured the blowout bash. Residents told 7NEWS about people dancing on cars and even shattering a windshield.

Police said the parties "deteriorated into riotous conditions" and officers eventually used pepper balls, pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the crowds.

 "Although the vast majority of party-goers did not actively cause problems, they did contribute by failing to disperse when ordered," police said.

Police said Kyle Stephen Griffin, 20, of Wellington, was charged with inciting a riot, a felony. CSU spokeswoman Dell Rae Moellenberg said Griffin is currently a non-student, hourly employee who works as a program aid in housekeeping at CSU's Pingree Park Campus in the mountains west of Fort Collins. Griffin was not working for the university at the time of the street party.

Moellenberg said university officials can't comment further on personnel issues.

Kodi Don Noel, 24, also faces a felony charge of inciting a riot. Cameron Walker Isaacks, 23, and CSU student Joseph Daniel Steinkirchner, 22, were charged with engaging in a riot, a misdemeanor.

Eight people accused of hosting the parties face misdemeanor charges of nuisance gathering, police said. The citation carries a fine of up to $1,000 and allows the city to recover any costs incurred as a result of the incident.

One person was cited for disorderly conduct and two others were cited for unreasonable noise.

These videos of the the crowds were posted on Vine.  Mobile users can see them by clicking here: https://vine.co/v/bxihx9m0IPp and here: https://vine.co/v/bxiHJzwnTr9


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