17 rail cars derail in Sedalia; No injuries reported

Highway 67 closed by derailment

SEDALIA, Colo. - Seventeen BNSF Railway cars derailed in Sedalia on Thursday afternoon.

The empty rail cars derailed about 1:30 p.m. at Highway 67 and U.S. 85 in Sedalia, said Douglas County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Ron Hanavan. There are no reports of injuries or hazardous material spills and the derailed car remained upright, he added.

AIRTRACKER7's camera showed box cars and tank cars derailed. Underneath, the tracks and railroad ties were badly damaged.

"We will work through the evening the get our cars back on the track and moved out, we will inspect the track, make whatever repairs needed and continue operations on the track," said BNSF spokesman Andy Williams, who added that the train had a total of 35 cars.

During the derailment, a pair of wheels and their axle came off a box car and rolled across Highway 67, knocking out one of the pillars by the Jarre Mart grocery store and just missing the gas pump, said Pat Norwood, an employee at Bud's Bar who is also a volunteer firefighter for the West Douglas County Fire Protection District.

-- Photos: Slideshow of the damage from the derailment

"We have 40 trains passing through here every 24 hours," said Norwood. "We don’t even hear them anymore until something like this."

The derailed cars are blocking Highway 67 in Sedalia and the highway is expected to remain closed until late Friday, the sheriff's office said. U.S. 85 remains open.

Traffic will be diverted from U.S. 85 to Airport Road and then on Peterson Road (which turns to Plum Avenue in Sedalia) to Highway 67 to go towards Deckers or to Highway 105 to continue south to Wolfensberger Road.

Norwood said it's the second derailment in the area since another train jumped the tracks last summer.

The cause of the current derailment remains under investigation.3

Meanwhile, a nearby Italian restaurant, Gabriel's, tells 7NEWS they'll be offering a special happy hour drink called "The Loose Caboose."

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