14 HALO cameras go up in Civic Center to cut crime

Reported crimes and drug violations up

DENVER - Denver Parks and Recreation and the Denver Police Department teamed up to install 14 HALO cameras in Civic Center hoping to deter crime.

HALO stands for High Activity Location Observation.

"Police have said they've seen a rise in reported crime.  We've seen issues with graffiti and other vandalism, especially in the Greek Theater," said Parks and Rec Spokesman, Jeff Green.

The $47,000 addition was funded by Parks and Rec and adds to the five HALO cameras that were already around Civic Center Park.  Green said the hope is a few more eyes in the sky will help deter crime.

"We hope it will help two fold.  By deterring some of this crime from happening [and] you know providing documented evidence if it's ever needed," Green said.

History shows it is needed.  Just two months ago, Airtracker7 caught the scene moments after a shooting in the park during the 4/20 Rally.

"The plan was in place before that, but I think it illustrates kind of why we need them," said Green.

According to Denver's crime map, drug violations are up 163 percent from last year.  The map showed Broadway and Colfax is where much of the drug activity happens. 

Over the past three years, Parks and Rec shelled out $15 million to restore the National Historic Landmark.  Still, not everyone was convinced the high tech watchdogs will be enough.

"It aint gonna catch everything out here, it's gonna cut back some of it, but people are just wilding out everywhere," said one park goer.

Map of Denver Halo camera locations: http://ch7ne.ws/1bXnYDv

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