118 dogs confiscated from Adams County home cleaned, treated at animal shelters

Dogs could be ready for adoption in two weeks

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. - Over 100 dogs confiscated Tuesday from an Adams County home were groomed and examined Wednesday.

Authorities on Wednesday said 118 Havanese dogs were removed from the home -- down from an earlier figure of 122 dogs. The dogs were covered in fur matted with urine and feces. At the Denver Dumb Friends League Wednesday, groomers shaved the mess from each of the dogs they rescued.

"I'm probably taking off anywhere from 4 to 5 pounds of solid matted fur," said Denver Dumb Friends League volunteer Pat Savage.

The Dumb Friends League received 62 of the dogs seized from the home in Adams County, north of Watkins. The 60 other dogs were taken in by the Adams County Animal Shelter.

"All of the dogs are Havanese and appear to be in good body condition, but are still being evaluated," the shelter said.

The shelter explained that Adams County deputies went to the home at 8303 Quail Run Road Tuesday after receiving a call requesting a welfare check.

"Adams County went out and they realized the extent of what was out there," said Chris Gallegos of the Denver Dumb Friends League.

"The homeowner has been very cooperative and has surrendered the animals," the Adams County Animal Shelter said in their written update.

"He was a Havanese breeder, and I think he just felt that the situation got out of control and it was just too much for him to handle," Assistant Adams County Administrator Ruth Kedzior said.

Both shelters said they aren't yet ready to put the dogs up for adoption, but the Adams County Shelter is hopeful the dogs there will be ready during the week of July 23.

"In the interim, the dogs will have their medical, behavioral and grooming needs assessed. The dogs will also receive their vaccinations," the shelter said. "During this time, the animals will be kept in a quarantine area and will not be available for public viewing."

Both shelters say anyone who wants to support the rescue of these dogs can donate cash, pet food and grooming supplies.

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