111 rabbits rescued from home in flood-ravaged Lyons now up for adoption

Owner charged with animal cruelty

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo/ - Alerted by a National Guard search-and-rescue team, the Larimer Humane Society rescued 111 rabbits from a home in flood-ravaged Lyons in September.

The bunnies were confiscated Sept. 20 from the home on Pinewood Drive  and evacuated from the flood zone, Humane Society officials said Friday. The rabbits were in "varying degrees of health" and have spent the last month in protective care at Larimer Humane Society, receiving food, shelter and veterinary care.

The Humane Society charged the rabbits' owner, Katherine Von Meister, 51, with 111 counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals for failing to provide adequate care for the animals in her possession. A court recently ruled that the rabbits are now the property of Larimer Humane Society, because of the owner’s inability to provide proper care.

Now the rabbits are awaiting adoption.

There are currently 100 rabbits undergoing spay/neuter surgery at the Larimer Human Society and they will be available for adoption in the coming days and weeks.

Community members may also adopt some of the rabbits from Petco stores along the Front Range, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and Foothills Animal Shelter.

 If unable to adopt, people can donate an item from the "Rabbit Grocery List" found at www.larimerhumane.org to help care for these animals.

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