Juvenile arrests, incarcerations drop in Colorado between 2006-2012

DENVER - The state of Colorado is reporting a drop in the number of people under 18 who are being arrested and incarcerated.

Since 2006, Colorado has seen:

  • 28% fewer juvenile arrests
  • 33% fewer juvenile court filings
  • 35% fewer juveniles assessed for probation
  • 27.5% fewer short-term admissions
  • 44% fewer long-term admissions

Because of the drop, the Department of Human Services said it plans to reduce the number of juvenile corrections beds in the system.

A total of 189 beds are being cut at youth correction facilities in Arapahoe County, Lakewood, Golden, Greeley, Colorado Springs and other facilities throughout the state.

“The reduction in the number of youth committing criminal acts is great for Colorado, and a wonderful
problem for the youth corrections system to have,” said Reggie Bicha, executive director of Colorado Department of Human Services. “However, adjusting our services and facilities based on population needs must be done in a thoughtful, balanced manner so that we continue to serve the right youth at the right time in the right setting.”

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