Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park designs unveiled; It includes lots of purple and ribbons

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - The playground equipment at Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park will reflect the 10-year-old's love of ribbons and the color purple.

The park on Moore Street in Westminster was formerly known as Chelsea Park. It was renamed after it became the site of a makeshift memorial during the search for Ridgeway.

The 10-year-old was abducted and killed in October. The park is located just a few blocks from Ridgeway's home and it was where she was headed when she was abducted.

The new playground equipment will have purple ribbons in the designs.

The swing set will be entirely purple and the structure will be in the shape of two ribbons.  Another piece of playground equipment similar to a zipline will also feature purple and green ribbons on top.

“Our parks' designers have worked closely with major national playground suppliers to develop these unique designs that fit with the shared vision of the family and community,” said Don Tripp, director of Westminster Parks, Recreation and Libraries..“We’re excited about bringing something not seen anywhere else in the country to Jessica’s park.”

The budget for the park's redesign is $538,000. The park committee has raised more than $500,000 in financial and in-kind donation.

“We’re honored and excited about the community support we’ve received so far,” Tripp said.  “Our success means we think we can raise enough to make this the kind of project that our community wants to see.”

For more information on the park, visit the Westminster Legacy Foundation website:

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