iPotty: Tech potty training for your toddler

'Appcessory' offers high-tech solution for parents

LAS VEGAS - Potty training your toddler may be a daunting task but the iPotty is offering a high-tech solution.

CTA Digital, maker of iPad  and Kindle accessories — or appcessories — is showing off a number of new iPad toys at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including the iPotty training system.

It has a built-in case for an iPad  and the company says it is the perfect way to keep your toddler on the bowl.

“When you are potty training, you have to keep them busy. This keeps them engaged and gives them rewards for the right kind of behavior,” said Lois Eiler of CTA Digital.

In fact, there are a number of potty training apps already in the app store, including “It’s Potty Time.” The idea is that you fire up the apps, put your child on the potty and…wait.

The iPotty costs $39.99 (iPad not included, obviously) and is compatible with the iPad 2 and the current model.

Oh, and don’t worry, it does come with iPad protection. It has a touch -screen protector to, yes, guard against messy hands. 

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