Task Force: Missing Dylan Redwine did not run away; door-to-door search under way

13-year-old missing went missing Nov.19


A task force looking into the disappearance of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine in Vallecito, near Durango, has determined he didn't run away.

"Investigators are no longer looking at the possibility of Dylan being a run-away, but we still view this as a search and not a recovery effort," said Dan Bender, Public Information Officer for the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office. 

Bender did not say what led them to that conclusion.

Three La Plata County Search and Rescue air-scent canines have returned to the Vallecito area to do ground searches.  Articles with Dylan’s scent on them have been provided by Dylan’s mother (brought from Colorado Springs) and these articles allow the handlers to have his scent on reference in order for the canines to conduct their search.

The Task Force is asking the general public if they have any recreational video footage that includes vehicles traveling on main routes between Durango and Vallecito Lake, taken between 6 p.m. on Nov.  18 through noon on Nov.  19, to call dispatch at 970-385-2900 to make an arrangements to get a copy of the footage to the Task Force. 

The Task Force is continuing their door-to-door canvassing of the Vallecito Lake area that they began on November 27. 

La Plata County’s GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Department provided maps and satellite pictures from last summer to the Task Force to aid them with the search.  Using these maps, investigators are able to be sure that they check every building in the Vallecito area. There are over 20 investigators and officers from multiple departments conducting a thorough search of the area around Vallecito Lake.  (Vallecito Lake measures approximately 4 miles long by more than  a mile wide when full.)

The task force is still requesting that the public not conduct their own door-to-door searches north of the Vallecito Dam, as it may interfere with the search that the investigators are doing.  Residents who are approached by investigators that are not accompanied by a uniformed officer are encouraged to ask for proper law enforcement identification.

Officials said the task force will be contacting residents from Vallecito Dam north through the Vallecito area over the next few days.

The La Plata County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating possibilities ranging from Dylan running away to a kidnapping.

Dylan Redwine's father, Mark Redwine, reported him missing midday Nov. 19 from his house in the Vallecito area, about 22 miles northeast of Durango. The father had left the boy at home around 7:30 a.m. while he went into town to run errands, said sheriff's spokesman Daniel Bender.

Dylan had been staying at his father’s house since Sunday as part of a court-ordered Thanksgiving holiday visitation.  Dylan, his mother and brother moved to Colorado Springs last summer, Bender said.

Some family members said Dylan may not have been in favor of the court-ordered visit this week. Dylan lived and attended school for years in the Vallecito area and is known by many people.    

Dylan is 5-feet tall, 105 pounds and has blond hair and blue eyes. It is not known what clothing he may be wearing.  He may have a black backpack with him.


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