Hundreds Gather For Columbine Anniversary Vigil

Survivors, Family Members Thank Community

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Columbine shootings, hundreds of people gathered outside the memorial for a quiet candlelight vigil.

“It’s doesn’t feel like it’s been 10 years,” said Brian Anderson. “But every year, people who went to Columbine or people who never set foot but just wanted to show their support come here. And I just want to say thank you.”

Anderson was shot in the chest during the attack, and comes to the memorial every April to remember and reflect.

“Something bad happened, but you can learn so many good things from it. Hopefully, people learn from it and we can go from there,” he said.

Cindy Thirouin, Teacher Dave Sanders’ stepdaughter, came to the vigil to thank the community and honor his memory.

“I live every day of life to the fullest because I never know if it’s my last,” she said. “That was my greatest lesson learned.”

However, she said that she hopes attention will dwindle after the 10th anniversary, so that victims’ family members will have time to heal.

“Every year, it’s like ripping a Band-Aid off a wound. It makes it hard to get through the grieving process,” she said.

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