How to get paid for watching ads

What's the Deal?

A new company called HitBliss is putting a clear price tag on your eyeballs and wants to pay you for watching commercials. Their application is divided into two sections: watch and earn.

In the earn section, you get shown a bunch of ads. Each ad you watch adds a little money to your account. If you want, you can earn more money per ad if you let HitBliss target you based on your age, gender, even what you've been searching for online.

You do have to watch the ads. HitBliss forces you to keep checking in to make sure you're actually watching. You can build up trust points so you'll get pestered less, but the message is clear - no slacking, this is work.

Once you earn enough, you have the option of redeeming your money for movies and TV shows.

For example, the newest Transformers movie is available on iTunes and Amazon for a $2.99 rental. HitBliss has it for the same price, or you could pay with the money you earned from watching ads.

New releases like The Master and shows like The Walking Dead are all part of the store.

HitBliss is in private beta, but you can request an invite at, You have to log in via Facebook and they are still working on mobile apps.

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